Blood Donation Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Blood donation involves blood extraction by medical practitithe oners from individuals without compensation. Blood donation is acceptable because the human body possesses the ability to replenish blood levels (Hillier, 2007). However, an individual must fulfill certain requirements to donate blood. These requirements inthe clude good health and recommended body weight. Blood donation has many advantages and disadvantages.


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Advantages of blood donation include stimulation of the body to manufacture more blood, opportunity to save people’s lives, and health benefits (Hillier, 2007). Blood donors stimulate their bodies to manufacture more blood, which decreases chances of heart attack and slows down build up of blood sugar.

Blood donation has emotional benefits because it gives donors a sense of responsibility with knowledge that their blood is used to save lives. On the other hand, it has several health benefits such as blood pressure and heart rate control, reduction of risks to heart attack, and reduction of blood glucose (Hillier, 2007).

Disadvantages of blood donation include fainting and health complications (Hillier, 2007). The most common problem encountered during blood donation is fainting. This usually occurs in individuals who have low blood volumes. Many donors experience hypovolemic reactions caused by changes in blood pressure.

Minor complications of blood donation include nerve irritation, allergic reactions, and tendon injuries (Hillier, 2007). In addition, experiences such as irritating reactions caused by certain substances make people shy away from blood donation. There is high chance of infection if unsterilized materials such as needles are used to extract blood.

Blood donation has both advantages and disadvantages. However, advantages overshadow disadvantages thus making it an important activity. It is necessary because the body has the ability to manufacture more blood. In addition, donated blood is used to save lives of people who lose large amounts of blood during surgeries and accidents.


Hillier, C. (2007). Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine . New York: Elsevier Health Science.


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